crayon R package

crayon package How many times were you creating a function that printed certain notes, warnings or errors on the screen? Did you have the feeling that your messages were not pretty enough? Now, thanks to the crayon package you can improve the format in which you print your messages, adding color and style.

dtplyr R package

Introduction to dtplyr package There has always been an intense debate in the R community about which is the best library to data wrangling: dplyr with its simple syntax and high readability or data.table with its incredible speed. Most useRs go for dplyr because it has a faster learning curve and is more intuitive.

Gmailr R package

Hi! Have you heard about the gmailr package? It allows you to access the Gmail RESTful API from R so you can send or read emails. It is very useful in batch processes to notify you if there has been an error or if everything has finished ok.

rstudioapi:: jobRunScript()

rstudioapi::jobRunScript() function How many times have you run your code in R and have had to wait idly while it ends? Wasted hours while training your model? Now that is a thing of the past, thanks Rstudio’s jobs. This functionality allows you to start several instances of Rstudio where you can launch your processes, allowing you to continue using your main instance without losing productivity.

R Tip: reformulate() function

reformulate() function Imagine you want to create an app that imputes the missing values of a certain column. The user will select this column in a slider and you can collect the value on your server.R. Let’s see a case: