Why you should learn purrr

Why should you learn to use purrr? According to the description of the package on its official page, “purrr improves R’s set of functional programming (FP) tools by providing a complete and consistent set of tools for working with functions and vectors”.

Box Package

Introduction to the box package box is one of my new favorite packages in the R ecosystem. Developed by Konrad Rudolph, its main purpose is to allow us to organize the code in a much more modular way, mainly through two mechanisms, as indicated in its page of pkgdown:

Time Series Stationarity

What is a stochastic process? To understand the concept of stationarity, we must first introduce the concept of stochastic process. Suppose that every day I go to my laboratory to repeat exactly the same experiment, under the same conditions (same temperature, humidity, etc.

Why Docker & R?

What is Docker? Docker is an open source project that automates the deployment of applications within software containers, providing an additional layer of abstraction and automation of application virtualization across multiple operating systems. The main difference with a virtual machine is that the containers are much lighter and have a much more efficient consumption of the available resources.

Tidymodels: the recipes package

What is tidymodels? tidymodels is a new framework consisting of a series of packages that facilitate the modeling process in data science projects. It allows in a unified way to perform resampling, data preprocessing, unified model interface and results validation.